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"Wishing Well"
Rabih Abou-Khalil
Al Jadida
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Michael Ondaatje, The English Patient

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"It is important to die in holy places. That was one of the secrets of the desert."

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Chicago- Alaa Elaswany 

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"For the last thirty years that I’ve lived in America, I haven’t
forgotten Egypt for a single day.”
“Aren’t you happy with your life here?”
He looked at me as if trying to find the right words, and then he
smiled and said, “Have you had any American fruits?”
“Not yet.”
“Here they use genetic engineering to make the fruit much
larger and yet it doesn’t taste so good. Life in America, Nagi, is like American fruit: shiny and appetizing on the outside, but tasteless."


Yallah someone come to Maroc avec moi.

I will go back in a heartbeat. I need to go to Tunisia also, Djerba island. Tab, when’s this happening ??

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Mint Julep

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Mint Julep
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"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."

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Alexandre Jardin, Mademoiselle Liberté

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"Elle ignorait que la pureté est pire que le vice, que l’amour a des excès, des déchaînements incalculables que la haine ne permet pas."

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"La forêt"
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Asked by Anonymous

asker please describe your dream life in minor (or major if you please) detail, i need to be inspired and I've already stalked your archive today!

Ohh darling my dream life is always being altered by every beautiful detail that strikes a chord in me. I hear the oud, my father excitedly tapping his fingers on the derbake, or smell my mother cooking with fresh basil, thyme and oregano and my dream life is that modest stone house surrounded by olive trees in Lebanon, the smell of the Mediterranean in my hair and strong Arabic coffee and cigarettes coupled with sincere company and the distant sound of men selling fruits from their truck.

A visit to the gallery, a lecture at the university, or an extended layover in Vienna remind me that I could never abandon those cities which continue to breed intellect, creativity, passion and ideas. And I know that a short stay at my cousin’s flat in Paris could easily be extended, and so I would be plump with baguettes and jam and cheese and giddy off the cabernet franc. The French signature misère would suit my moodiness just fine, and I would get a studio apartment and paint and write and paint and make love and listen to records of Charles Aznavour.

But then someone speaks to me in Spanish, and all I can picture is a orange tiled roof of a hacienda style house and the breathtaking Islamic inspired architecture in Andalusia, an Isaac Albeniz piece playing, and a paella dish to make my mouth water. I spent a few years learning the language, the dance, and indulging in a few passionate affairs. Spain has my heart, almost entirely.

Where ever I will be, I insist upon exploring my passions. I hope to work in curating, art restoration, or perhaps have a gallery or boutique of my own. There must always be rich conversation, seductive company and tapas.

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Asked by Anonymous

asker Recommand me some french blogs please !

Salut mon cher anonyme! There are many lovely French bloggers, the few that come to mind are :

I know I am forgetting some, but enjoy these for the time being. Bisous!

Aimer, aimer, aimer, on ne peut pas aimer simplement, non, pour que ce soit intéressant il faut tout de suite que ce soit complexe, obscur, déséquilibré, je réfléchis trop et les faits perdent leur sens, je me demande s’ils en ont déjà eu un, je frôle l’absurde, je suis Cantor devenant fou en travaillant sur l’infini, aimer, aimer, aimer, en plus d’aimer quelqu’un, il faut le détester de la peine qu’il nous fait, il faut jalouser la façon dont il regarde les autres, il faut avoir honte d’être si peu par rapport à lui, il faut supporter le manque en silence, il faut craindre chaque jour son départ, en réalité dire je t’aime c’est dire : je te hais, je crève de jalousie, j’ai honte, je tremble de ton absence, j’ai peur de ton indifférence - mais moi je voudrais dire je t’aime et rien d’autre, un je t’aime pur, net, limpide, l’amour sans interférences, sans mauvaises ondes, l’amour dans sa simplicité, l’amour comme une eau claire qu’on se passe sur le visage pour se rafraichir, dire je t’aime comme on dit j’avais soif et tu as apaisé ma soif, dire je t’aime comme on se déshabille, ma nudité t’effraie-t-elle ? habille-moi de ton amour, couvre-moi, réchauffe mes os, je veux sentir mon sang bouillir dans mes artères, reste-là, s’il te plait, j’avais soif et tu as apaisé ma soif.

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Asked by Anonymous

asker how do you take your coffee?


It depends on the coffee itself, the weather, what song is playing…I usually drink Turkish coffee, and take it with a pinch of sugar and about two teaspoons of milk. I take my coffee with sentimental prose and poetry and people. I don’t like coffee to-go- where I’m from, there’s barely such thing. Coffee should be taken as a time of day to sit calmly and enjoy a song, a memory, or the company of another human being- I believe that the little moment itself wakes you up more than the caffeine.

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Megara, Herakles by Euripides, trans. Anne Carson

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"Come back! Even as a shadow,
even as a dream."

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